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Meta-governance (old)

PowerPool's technology supports meta-governance using tokens contained in pools, thereby increasing the value of the xCVP tokens that govern PowerPool itself.
PowerPool originated in Aug 2020, in part to address the opportunity of meta-governance. The main idea is - what if minority token holders stakes are collected into one, huge stake that can really influence governance outcomes and delegate the right to govern this stake to broad social consensus? Basically, meta-governance is "governing of governing".
To learn more about meta-governance read our articles: 1. Meta-governance vision 2021: https://medium.com/powerpool/powerpool-2021-meta-governance-vision-and-roadmap-5cbb19edd503 2. PowerPool authored one of the very first meta-governance articles (Note: PowerPool isn't a lending market anymore and uses pooled investment tokens as the vehicle for meta-governance): https://medium.com/powerpool/powerpool-the-tool-for-meta-defi-democracy-8bb82f02f40