Standalone Installation

Instructions for the installation of the standalone PowerAgent package


Recommended hardware requirements most likely will be capped from beneath by the requirements of your execution and consensus clients. However, if you install the PowerAgent on a separate machine than the blockchain node, it should have at least:

  • 2-Core relatively modern CPU

  • 8 GB RAM

  • 20 GB SSD

  • Linux-based OS (Debian or Ubuntu are a good choice)

The package is not configured to work on MacOS.

Standalone installation

  1. Obtain a machine satisfying the requirements.

  2. Start a terminal session.

  3. Clone the repo into a separate folder:

git clone
  1. Follow the instructions specified here: powerpool-finance/powerpool-agent-v2-compose ( to obtain a keyfile. Here is the short version:

git clone
cd powerpool-agent-v2-compose
npm i
node jsongen.js ${A} ${B}

where ${A} is the private key of your worker, and ${B} is the password you choose to encrypt the private key.

  1. Move the keyfile to the sepolia-agent-standalone/keys/ directory. Remove the placeholder key.

  2. Open the file sepolia-agent-standalone/config/main.yaml and enter the values that are required there (see Chain-specific configs). Keep the quotation marks ("") in the address field.

cd sepolia-agent-standalone
  1. Launch the PowerAgent node:

docker compose up -d
  1. This will create and launch the container. In order to remove it, execute the command:

docker compose down --rmi local 

in sepolia-agent-standalone/ directory.

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