Registering in PowerAgent

Instructions on how to register your worker in the PowerAgent contract

  1. You will need a fresh blockchain account for the worker. Create one and top it up with a small amount of the native token (roughly 1_000_000 * avg_gas_price_wei). It is needed for the worker to sign its first ever execution transaction.

The following steps are performed in the PowerPool protocol dApp interface.

Here you will see the stats if you already have any keepers.

  1. Press the "Create Keeper" green button.

  2. On the opened page select the topmost agent (the latest version)

  1. Press "Create Keeper" again.

  2. In the opened window, specify the worker address (the one you have created in the step 1) and the initial stake (must be no less than 1_000 CVP)

  1. Press Lock and approve transaction, wait for it to be executed.

  2. Press Create Keeper and approve the transaction.

Done. Now you can see your keeper in the My Keepers tab.

Registration via Etherscan

Firstly, from your Admin account allow PowerAgent to spend the amount of CVP you wish to stake. Invoke theapprove function on the CVP token contract, passing the current Agent address as the spender.

Secondly, register your worker address in the PowerAgent contract. From your Admin account, execute registerAsKeeper and specify the amount of CVP you previously allowed to spend (or lower) and your worker address.

You have to specify cvp_amount * 10^18, as the token has 18 decimals.

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