Invest (ZAP) in YLA with low fees

About ZAP

1) Go to

2) Enter the amount of USDC you want to supply.

3) Approve or Infinity Approve your tokens* and sign the transaction in your Metamask. This is a simple approve transaction. You are only permitting our smart contract to interact with your token. Approve - a fixed amount of tokens, Infinity Approve - token as a whole. Every further transaction will still require a signature.

‌4) After you signed the approve transaction, press Supply and sign the supply transaction.

‌5) When the transaction is confirmed, you will see Your deposit & Your distribution sections updated, showing your deposit and expected YLA distribution.

‌6) Wait for the ZAP to go through. * ZAP is triggered when 500K of USDC is deposited or every 24 hours. You can see the countdown until the distribution at the bottom.

Learn how to earn additional rewards

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