Value Proposition-PowerPool

PowerPool's highly-automated asset management adds value to asset managers and investors

PowerAgent automation network permits entirely new types of structured asset management strategies to be deployed on chain on a trustless basis. PowerPoint welcomes opportunities to work with partners/sponsors and prime minters to define and launch structured investment vehicles that leverage the PowerAgent automation network. The PowerAgent automation network allows PowerPool to work with partners like asset managers/sponsors/prime minters to define and operate either open or closed automated investment management pools/baskets.

Sponsoring automation clients can define pools/baskets on either a closed private (VC/family office) or open/shared public basis with a listed token. Although closed, private baskets specified by VCs & family offices are possible, most sponsors will choose to open the pools/baskets to all investors. For most smaller DeFi investors, especially on Ethereum, achieving actively-managed, broadly-diversified, rewards-rich and hedge-able portfolios is too expensive in terms of time required, gas fees and sometimes up to 20% diversified, hedged asset management performance fees. Investing via PowerPool open/sponsored, shared public pools/baskets automated by the PowerAgent network offers:

  • PowerPool automated investment strategies collect modest management fees;

  • Stablecoin yield optimisation pools like $LUCY charge 1%, with 100% payout to xCVP stakers

  • Diversified, hedged baskets will usually charge 2% (split/shareable with sponsors/partners ) with 100% payout of PowerPool share to xCVP stakers)

  • No minimum investment-ZAP integrations minimize gas on investment/redemption

  • Currently no KYC or non-inclusive, discriminatory Accredited Investor barriers

  • xCVP staking/redemption fee: 1% (1 week redemption delay-100% accrues to xCVP stakers)

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