How to contribute

Join the DAO, make contriutions and be rewarded

Contributing to the DAO is possible at all levels, and for many skill sets.

Running a Node

Anyone can join the PowerAgent automation network as an independent noderunner. Follow the guide on how to launch your own node and start executing automation tasks!

You are welcome to join public PowerAgent testnet on Gnosis chain. Public Arbitrum testnet is coming soon. You can practice running the node on the Sepolia testnet.

❓I Want to Become a Keeper

📃Testnet Application Google Form

Automating Tasks

Create your own automated scenarios and strategies, share them with other users, and receive $CVP rewards. Check the guide on how to submit your own automation task to the PowerAgent network.

❓I Want to Automate my Tasks

We are running Automatic validator rewards claiming incentive now! A special $CVP reward is given to Gnosis validators who successfully automate claiming their validator rewards.


The PowerPool DAO is run by its community via proposals. Holders of $CVP token can vote for or against proposals. Create your proposal on the governance forum and launch the voting procedure on the snapshot.

ℹī¸Governance Forum


Content and Ambassador Program

Create content devoted to blockchain automation with PowerAgent. Raise the brand awareness, create written and video guides, and prepare templates of different automated scenarios for other users.

Contact us to get more information on how to become a PowerPool ambassador.

Stay tuned for the official launch of the Ambassador Program!

Collaborations & Grants

If you want to automate your protocol with PowerAgent network or develop a product that enhances the PowerAgent user experience, check our grants program on Gitcoin. Developers can apply for grants of up to $20,000 (paid out in CVP).

To apply for a grant:

📃Grants Google Form


Contact us for assistance in grant application:

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