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How to contribute

Join the DAO, make contriutions and be rewarded
Contributing to the DAO is possible at all levels, and for many skill sets.
PowerPool DAO Organisation - Delegation to Teams
Migration to Balancer v2, the launch of xCVP staking and the next version of the website supporting staking/redemption are now complete. The stage is now set to expand the Power Universe dramatically with many new pools and key partners, to initiate dashboard fundamentals performance tracking of tokens within pools, add insurance options, implement Treasury management and reporting, define yield optimization/hedging strategies of each new pool and invest in effective marketing.
SparkTeams are divided by functions first, because this is best for incubating/launching numerous new products. Each SparkTeam aligns with at least one aligned Core Team/Management Board Member.
  1. 1.
    SparkDev (core protocol development, security & audits, operations);
  2. 2.
    SparkFin (treasury management, NAV/P&L reporting);
  3. 3.
    SparkData (token tracking, data feeds, analytics & visualization);
  4. 4.
    SparkDesign (web presence, graphics for social media);
  5. 5.
    SparkPeople (guilds/skills tracking, bounty management, incentivized task recruiting);
  6. 6.
    SparkProd (new product development, testing & launch);
  7. 7.
    SparkDAO (Wiki, Forum and Governance content & moderation);
  8. 8.
    SparkGrow (marketing and partnerships - pooled investment vehicles & xCVP staking);
  9. 9.
    SparkLegal (external legal advisor)
To learn more, follow the links to each Team Page in the Wiki. To join a Team, join our Discord, and ask the moderators to promote you to gain access to Team Channels and projects.
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