Vision 2027

PowerPool's vision is that the future of Defi and web3 will be automated.

In three years, dePIN networks such as PowerAgent will perform more and more transactions for users, compared to the current situation where users perform many manual actions. This will happen because users, AI agents and protocols will generate an increasing number of flows and intent-based strategies needed to use web3/Defi in a convenient and automated way for a growing user base.

As a result, Transaction as a Service dePIN networks will become the primary consumers of block space. It will account for a significant share of block space consumed for these transactions in the foreseeable future.

PowerPool DAO is bringing to market a network and set of tools designed to support this automated future. It will provide a reliable, decentralized, and permissionless service for user flows and intents, AI-generated policies, protocols, and dApps that require automation based on on-chain and off-chain triggers.

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