$CVP Boost Program

You can earn an additional $CVP reward with $YLA by staking both tokens in our smart contract.

To earn boosted rewards, you need to stake:

Minimum: 0.014 CVP per 1 YLA Maximum: 0.14 CVP per 1 YLA

Note: You are not providing liquidity; hence there is no Impermanent Loss (IL).

1) Go to https://powerindex.io/#/mainnet/0x9ba60ba98413a60db4c651d4afe5c937bbd8044b/harvest/13

And press "Deposit"

2) Approve or Infinity Approve both YLA & CVP tokens* and sign the transaction in your Metamask. *This is a simple approve transaction. You are only permitting our smart contract to interact with your token. Approve - a fixed amount of tokens, Infinity Approve - token as a whole. Every further transaction will still require a signature.

⚠ī¸ Keep an eye on this hint, as it shows if you exceed or didn't add enough of CVP. In this case, you will not receive rewards.

3) Press Confirm and sign the transaction

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