Guide: Multi-Asset $BSCDEFI Mint

Minting $BSCDEFI directly from PowerPool website is the most cost-efficient way to acquire tokens.

1. Tokens

First of all, you need to have all composing tokens in the right proportion:

The best way to acquire all these tokens would be Binance CEX, or PancakeSwap for: CAKE, XVS, ALPACA, BAKE, ALPHA, DODO, LINA, TKO MDEX for: MDX, AUTO

2. Approve or Infinity Approve

After you have all the required tokens in your wallet, you can start the minting process. Navigate to the BSC DEFI Pool Page

Use input fields to chose how many tokens you want to use for minting or simply press MAX.

⚠ī¸Pay attention to the hints, they will help you to chose the right proportions. You need to make sure that there are no errors displayed.

After you did that, you have two options: Approve and Infinity Approve. The difference is - approve gives permission to spend a pre-selected amount of your tokens, while Infinity Approve has no limit (You still have to manually sign all transactions).

It is preferred to use Infinity Approve for such a complex transaction.

When you press the Infinity Approve (Approve) button, web3 wallet window will pop up, please confirm your transaction.

3. Supply

If you did everything right, you would see the estimated amount of BSCDEFI token you will get, and Supply button will be green, press it.

Confirm the transaction.

You are all set 👍

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