Value Proposition

PowerPool's value proposition to Web3 AI protocols, DeFi users, and blockchain node runners/validators

The PowerPool dePIN layer abstracts the complexity of scheduled/automatically executed transactions that typically require users and protocols to run their bots by offering Transaction Execution As a Service.

The DePIN layer is powered by a decentralized and permissionless network of Keeper bots, which execute AI-generated and user-owned flows, intents, and yield strategies according to the PowerPool protocol mechanism design. Users and protocols can automate their on-chain actions without deploying and maintaining their infrastructure, creating various tasks from the simplest/routine to complex fund management strategies and outsourcing their execution to the network. Check out our Use Cases section!

Blockchain validators and full node runners can run PowerPool Keeper bots, adding a new source of income to their validator/node runner setup. This is done by running a PowerAgent node client that executes transactions according to the PowerAgent network assignments (the random node selection).

Keeper nodes automatically earn execution fees and gas compensation in the native blockchain asset (ETH for Ethereum, BNB for BNBChain, etc.). To run a node, keeper nodes stake $CVP, the PowerPool protocol token, qualify to execute various tasks and earn higher execution fees. The $CVP stake acts as a security deposit ensuring the honest behavior of Keeper nodes and can be slashed in case of malicious behavior or failed task execution.

For users:

For node runners:

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