Use Cases

Below are examples of use cases for the PowerAgent dePIN network of Keeper nodes:

  1. Automated trading strategies such as Limit orders or DCA (Dollar Cost Average) strategies.

  2. AI-generated intents and flows, including complex transaction sequences.

  3. Automated multi-chain strategies, such as automated buying of assets (popular use case is memecoins) on other chains and rollups, abstracting bridging complexity by leveraging existing bridge infrastructure such as DeBridge.

  4. Automated liquidation protection for CDPs and lending markets. For example, the losses in the case of a stETH de-peg could be decreased for looped stETH/ETH AAVE positions.

  5. Smart liquidity provision such as Uniswap v3 position management strategies.

  6. Automated fund-management strategies such as Vaults/yield aggregation, which account for the major share of the Defi market.

  7. Balancer v2 asset managers (such as PowerPool's LUSD smart pool) maintaining asset reserves in the pool and transfer yield to pool LPs.

  8. Scheduled payment streams

  9. Automatic updating of protocol parameters and DAO-related fund management services.

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