Installation Guide (Old)

Here are the instructions for installation of the PowerAgent node as a DAppNode package and as a standalone package.

Hello there. If you are reading this article, this means you are ready to partake in PowerAgent testnet!

Before moving on, make sure to visit the Architecture page to familiarize with the key principles of the PowerAgent operation. Also, consider reading these articles:

DAppNode is an official partner of PowerPool.

Installing PowerAgent as a DAppNode Package

The simplest way to launch the PowerAgent note is to install it on top of the DAppNode software. DAppNode is a platform for running various blockchain nodes and decentralized applications.

In the following pages, we will explain in detail how to:

  1. Monitor the performance of your keeper.

Installing as a Standalone Package

PowerAgent software is also available as a standalone client. This method is optimal if you are already a node-runner and have your own execution and consensus client. You will need to provide a reliable JSON RPC endpoint for its operation.

Currently, we cannot guarantee flawless interaction with publicly available RPC providers. Please, run your own blockchain node or follow the easy DAppNode way.

If you wish to use the standalone PowerAgent package and deploy it on your own Ethereum testnet node-equipped hardware, then proceed to the section Standalone Installation.

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