PowerPool DAO Story

PowerPool was launched in 2020 without traditional VCs or investors, pioneering the concept of meta-governance for accumulating voting power in third-party protocols.

From the beginning, our community guided us to update our vision to a decentralized basket of tokens - ‘Power Indices.’ Baskets were proposed by governance participants, including Delphi Digital, Yearn.finance team member, Sushi, and AAVE team member. PowerPool's Defi products were featured in Paul Veradittakit’s newsletter, Binance Research, Cointelegraph, Messari, and Bankless.

However, Keeper bots that execute smart contracts according to predefined algorithms were needed to make automated products work. For this reason, PowerPool developed its own automation network in October 2020. It was used for TWAP oracles, staking tokens in third-party protocols, harvesting yields, and re-allocating capital. So, we have been automating Defi for almost four years now.

In mid-2022, PowerPool focused on building PowerAgent v2 - the next-generation dePIN network for automating on-chain executions. The main requirements were to deliver a truly decentralized, permissionless, and robust network without significant points of centralization.

After over a year of stealth development and 8 months of community-run testing, PowerAgent v2 is live on Gnosis Chain, Arbitrum, Ethereum, and Sepolia testnet. Check out PowerPool ecosystem development plans for 2024: a 2024 roadmap.

PowerAgent v2 users can now automate their on-chain routines and strategies by submitting new Jobs to the network. Node runners can run Keeper bots to earn execution fees and CVP incentives for node operation.

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