How to create a DCA flow in Partitura

This document provides a guide for using Partitura, an automated job execution platform. The guide includes steps such as signing in, creating a Safe wallet, topping up the wallet, creating a job, executing the job, and performing a DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) flow.

Note: You must sign in to Galxe with the same EVM address to receive Power Points.

To create your DCA flow follow the instructions:

  1. Open and Sign In

  1. Use Metamask or Wallet Connect

  1. You will see the screen with connection success after that

  1. You need to have at least $5 in ETH on Arbitrum in your wallet to deploy a job

  2. Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner and click it, then click "Create Safe" to create a Safe wallet that will execute automated jobs. Check to be on the Arbitrum in the chains section

  1. Click "Create wallet"

  1. Then sign a transaction through your wallet

  1. The Safe wallet will be created and you will need to top it up

8.1. If the board hasn’t opened automatically go to Dashboard and click "Create Your First Job"

  1. On the board click new action and choose "Safe" from the option list

  1. By clicking on the "Safe" block itself, a new small window will open where you can change some parameters

  1. In that window choose the Method “Use one of your Safes”, choose your newly created Safe wallet, make the "top up" slider "on", and choose the Token to Top Up (we recommend to go with $ETH or $DAI directly) and Top Up Amount. After that click “Save”

  1. After that click on a plus icon under the Safe block and choose Balancer to make a Swap of DCA strategy. Choose the token you want to swap and swap it into $DAI. Don’t forget to mention the concrete amount of that swap. You can also change the name of a board in the upper left corner

  1. Now you will have this project on a general dashboard in Partitura

  1. On the project board click "Execute"

  1. It will prepare the transaction data and you will see the "Execute Flow" button, click on it

  1. After that, sign a transaction once again

  1. You will see the "Success" window, with a "Go to Dashboard" button, click on it

  1. On the Dashboard choose "Eth DCA by PowerPool" and click on it

  1. On the board of this project click on the "Swap" block from Balancer and choose how much $DAI you want to swap into $ETH. After that click on the "Save" button

19.1. You can change the parameters in the "Time Trigger" block according to your needs

  1. Click "Execute" and execute the DCA flow

  1. Click on the "Execute Flow" button

  1. Sign the transaction through your wallet

  1. After the success of that transaction, you will have a DCA in the "Ongoing Flows" section on the main dashboard

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