CVP reward program

PowerPool incentivizes its users and community by issuing Power Points for participating in the PowerAgent DePIN layer, helping spread awareness about PowerPool’s value proposition and use cases, staking CVP, and contributing to the protocol in other ways.

Visit the PowerPool page on Galxe to find all currently available tasks:

The Rewards Program will be divided into Seasons. Each season will have a unique set of tasks, completing which users will receive a predefined number of Points. Some tasks are repeatable while others can be completed only once. Users will receive bonus Power Points for completing all tasks of a season at least once.

At the end of each season, PowerPool will issue an airdrop of CVP tokens based on users’ Power Points.

Season 1: Welcome to the DePIN Layer!

Starts July 7th, 2024 at 10:10 AM UTC

The first season is meant to familiarize the community with our Loyalty Program while providing a set of simple tasks for points accumulation.

Season goals

  • Boost interactions on our social platform

  • Spread awareness of the benefits of using decentralized automation

  • Kickstart the launch of PowerPool’s ecosystem partner products

Season Tasks

TaskDescriptionRepeatabilityPower Points

Subscribe to X

Subscribe to our X account to stay tuned to all the latest news and developments



Join Discord

Join our Discord channel for insightful discussions about the DePIN Layer



Retweet new narrative content on X

Retweet our content* on X to help spread the word about PowerPool

*Find the list of eligible tweets on Galxe



Participate in the X Spaces event

Join the upcoming X Spaces event for at least 20 minutes and learn about PowerPool’s roadmap and plans. This task will be added to Galxe after event announcement



Create a DCA strategy in Partitura

Create a Dollar Cost Average (DCA) Flow on Arbitrum* powered by the DePIN layer in the Partitura dApp. *You must be signed in Galxe with the same EVM address

5 times


Complete the Season

Complete all tasks in Season 1 at least once



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