Power Pool
Value Proposition
How PowerPool adds value to investors
For most DeFi investors, especially on Ethereum, achieving actively-managed, broadly-diversified, rewards-rich and hedge-able portfolios is too expensive in terms of both gas and performance fees, now and probably for the next few years.
Investing via the PowerPool Universe offers:
    no minimum investment-ZAP integration minimizes gas on investment/redemption
    active management fee on diversified pooled vehicles: 2% (100% accrues to xCVP stakers)
    no charge to swap among Power Universe tokens (1 day delay)
    pool rewards claimable (in CVP) or automatically re-invested
    xCVP staking/redemption fee: 1% (1 week redemption delay-100% accrues to xCVP stakers)
    Access to Analytics Tracking dashboards and Product Development channels/roadshows requires minimum 1,000 xCVP/NFT (Illuminati)
    Access to non-public Discord channels requires minimum 100 CVP/NFT in connecting wallet (Sparkies)
    Currently no KYC or non-inclusive, discriminatory Accredited Investor barriers
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