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CVP Token

CVP is the PowerPool governance token

Utility & Use cases

CVP is a staking asset in the PowerAgent network.
To become a part of the PowerAgent decentralized network of keepers, you have to stake at least 1000 CVP in the Agent contract. CVP stake acts as an insurance against malicious keepers. If a keeper fails to execute the job on time, its CVP stake will be slashed according to the formula.
Different jobs require different amount of CVP stake. Job owners can define the minimal stake, which a keeper should have to be able to execute their job. Keepers with lesser stake will not be assigned to the execution.
The CVP stake also influences the rewards that keepers get for task execution. Job owners can define the upper stake, which will limit the maximal reward for their job.
To know more about Job configurability and stake ranges, visit the Job page.


CVP Stats can be found in Dune Dashboard: