Terms related to blockchain automatization


Agent is the contract, that provides Keeper-Job interaction, management of the Keeper and Job pools. Also it pays out rewards and supplies the underlying protocol logic.


Keeper is the executor of automatic smart contracts. It tracks the job-specified conditionals and invokes the function to be automated via the Agent execute function when appropriate contitions are met.


Job is an external smart contract which is being automated. It is associated with a certain key and a certain address. Provides rewards for the keepers (and fees for the Agent, since those are retained at deposit) and receives secure automated execution in return.

Job Provider

Job provider is an address that provides the contract being automated and pays the rewards for successful executions.

Job Reward & Gas compensation

Keepers receive rewards for their successful work. Also they receive a gas compensation for transactions they sent while execution.

Keeper's Stake

Stake is the CVP deposit provided by the keeper. It is necessary for be able to participate in job execution. Stake amount defines job pool available for execution by the current keeper. It is also an incentive for keeper conscientious conduct because the risk of slashing.

Slashing & Slashers

Slashing is the process when malicious keeper lose part of his stake for no executing the job he was assigned to when all conditions were met. Slasher is another keeper, that successfully executes that job. He also receives the part of assigned keeper's stake.

Cost of no execution

The concept of cost of no execution is that keeper's malicious behavior leads to different consequences.