Transfer Tokens from Matic to Ethereum

Make sure the Matic Network is selected. Both in interface and Metamask.
2) On the page, you will see your token balances that Bridge currently supports. Select from the menu the token you want to transfer to the Ethereum Main Network, for example, CVP.
3) Enter the number of tokens to transfer and click Transfer button.
4) Confirm transaction in Metamask.
5) You will need to wait for some time before the balance reflects on Ethereum mainnet (~30-40 min).
6) Switch to Ethereum Main Network in Metamask. The interface will automatically change the network.
7) The "Matic withdrawals" section displays all token transfer transactions from the Matic Network to Ethereum. Each transaction has several statuses:
  • "done" - token withdrawal completed;
  • "awaiting checkpoint" - a checkpoint is expected to be written by Matic Network validators;
  • "pending" - the checkpoint was written in Bridge smart contract on Ethereum by the Matic Network validators. It is necessary to confirm the withdrawal of tokens.
Click Finish button to confirm the withdrawal.
8) Confirm transaction in Metamask.