Testing Power Oracle on Kovan

1) To test Power Oracle on Kovan, you need kETH and test CVP tokens.
Make sure the Kovan Test Network is selected. Both in interface and Metamask.
3) To record prices in a Power Oracle smart contract and receive rewards in CVP tokens or write off deposits, you need to create a Reporter. Push "Create a Reporter" button.
4) You will need to enter the Admin address (will be set automatically) and the Reporter address:
  • admin address is used to set the Reporter address, to receive rewards, and withdraw the deposit;
  • reporter address is used to send transactions using the price update script.
Enter CVP Token Deposit to update prices and receive CVP Token rewards.
Attention! Only the address with the maximum deposit can update prices. If the price update does not happen on time, other addresses with a deposit ("Fishermen") will be able to slash the Price Reporter!
5) Unlock CVP tokens and confirm transaction in Metamask.
6) Click "Confirm" button and again confirm transaction in Metamask.
7) To deposit or withdraw CVP tokens, use the "Change" button.
8) Go to https://github.com/powerpool-finance/power-oracle-reporter and follow the instructions in Readme.md to run the script.