Power Pool
Marketing Content
How PowerPool is sold to the public
PowerPool actively manages diversified non-custodial thematic pooled investment tokens WITH rewards available at low cost to any investor globally.
The Power Universe is an actively-managed 'family' of pooled investment tokens allowing any investor to take broadly diversified, hedge-able positions on emerging themes in digital assets WITH rewards at very low gas costs. The number of thematic pools in the Power Universe and their weightings is constantly being adjusted by the PowerPool DAO based on continuously-monitored fundamentals and evolving sentiment among knowledgeable PowerPool xCVP stakers, known as 'Illuminati'. Once sufficient thematic tokens have been launched, PowerPool will also launch higher-level 'pools of pool's and eventually culminating in a 'flagship' $PWRPOOL token giving actively-managed, yield-bearing and hedge-able exposure to most of the pooled tokens in the Power Universe, effectively a 'fund of funds'.
Marketing is a particular challenge for PowerPool because there are two segments with distinct profiles:
  • Average investors looking to minimize wallet complexity, yet achieve broad diversification WITH tax-efficient rewards harvesting at minimum gas; and
  • Institutions/family offices looking to achieve broad diversification WITH rewards at minimal cost and complexity in client reporting, rewards harvesting and meta-governance management.
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