Introduction to Power Universe

PowerPool is meta-governance protocol based on ecosystem of Smart indexes. It offers productive indexes to its users and provides a new level of decision making and coordination for DeFi ecosystem.

PowerPool is currently transitioning to a DAO manager of non-custodial, structured, thematic investment tokens comprising the Power Universe family of broadly-diversified, actively-managed, rewards-rich, gas-efficient, multi-chain investment pools easily blended and hedged by average investors. You can read more about our vision and roadmap in our wiki:

PowerPool has its own governance token - CVP (Concentrated Voting Power). CVP is used for making decisions on how tokens, pooled into PowerPool-based indexes will vote and for governing PowerPool itself.

The ecosystem of PowerPool products is called PowerUniverse and contains PowerIndex, Power Agent (decentralized cross-chain oracle based on Uniswap TWAPs), and PowerPool - lending market for governance tokens, which is deprecated.

Power Agent

A decentralized cross-chain oracle, providing free price feeds based on Uniswap TWAPs for Ethereum, xDAI, and Matic networks. PowerOracle is based on special incentive model for Price Reporter and Fishermen offering up to 50% APY for price reporting and utilizing CVP as skin in the game via CVP staking.


Smart Portfolios are pools based on Balancer AMM , are entirely governed by the community and use pooled tokens for generating additional value for index token holders:

  1. Meta-governance - voting in composite protocols. It means that if index has COMP as its component, it is used for voting in Compound and CVP token holders decide how it will vote. It is applied to all governance tokens in PowerPool indexes.

  2. Vaults strategies. PowerPool indexes actively use tokens, pooled inside index contracts for generating additional cashflows for index token holders. It means, that owning an index token user also owns future cashflow associated with productive usage of pooled assets.

Currently, there are five portfolios launched by the community accumulating:

  1. PIPT - PowerIndex Pool Token. It was proposed by Delphi Digital and contains UNI, AAVE, SNX, COMP, YFI, WNXM, CVP, and MKR in equal proportions.

  2. YETI - Yearn Ecosystem Token Pool. It was proposed by Ryan Watkins from Messari and contains YFI, SUSHI, KP3R, AKRO, PICKLE, CREAM, and CVP.

  3. ASSY - Aave, SushiSwap, Synthetix, Yearn pool. This pool was proposed by Marc Zeller from Aave and is defined as a "concentrated bet on DeFi".

  4. YLA - Yearn v2 Vault LP Index. A diversified cashflow-generating portfolio of Yearn v2 Vaults LP tokens with dynamically adjusted weights according to the TVL

  5. BSCDEFI - Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem DEFI Blue Chips is a thematic fund automatically earning yield and providing exposure to a diversified set of BSC DeFi protocols