• ERC20: The standard protocol for issuing tokens on the Ethereum network.
  • Underlying Tokens: The ERC20 tokens held by a pool smart contract.
  • Power Index Pool Tokens / Index Tokens / Pool Share Tokens: Liquidity provider ERC20 tokens for a pool. These represent ownership of the underlying tokens in a pool.
  • piToken or WrappedPiErc20: ERC20 token wrapper for Underlying Tokens.
  • Token balance: The total token balance of a pool. Does not refer to any user balance.
  • Denorm: Denormalized weight. Weights in a Pool, though often displayed as percentages, are configured and stored in their denormalized form. For instance, in a two-token pool with denormalized weights of A=38 and B=2, token A's percentage weight would be 38/(38+2), or 95%. Conversely, token B's proportion would be 2/(38+2), or 5%